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The Stand VISMOS
Work 147 from 227
Prefabricated Modular design for the company to an international exposition Vismos Expo Vin Moldova 2009. Dimensions 6x4 meters, height 2.5 meters. The stand visually divided into two zones by product type: brandy on the left and the right wine. In the center - reshepshn. Inside - a meeting room, dressing room, part of the economic and washbasin. On the outside of the left wall mounted display case for 20-25 bottles of product.

From top to bottom:
- The project of the stand.
- Front-end photo booth at the assembled Molexpo.
- Photos from the left corner. Visible to showcase on the outside wall.
- The view from the windows.
- Large area with registration of products.
- Stand inside. Area for guests and rest. The curtains on the left - dressing and households. Part, to the right - a washbasin.